Pupil Leadership Team

At Gorse Hill School, we feel it is very important for our children to have an awareness of their rights and their responsibilities as members of both the school and the wider community. We also strive to provide our pupils with real opportunities to further improve our school, enabling them to make a positive contribution to our school community. As a result, we have a Pupil Leadership Team that is representative of pupils across the school – our diversity and different ages.

The Pupil Leadership Team plays an extremely important role in the school by representing our children’s voices. Members of the Pupil Leadership Team are ambassadors for our school and should exemplify our school’s CARE Values consistently within their personal conduct and the expectations that they set for themselves. This includes showing the highest standard of behaviour and attitude in and out of school and acting as role models to other children.

Our Pupil Leadership Team is composed of two leadership groups:

  • School Council
  • Head Pupils

The School Council is representative of pupils from across our school and its role is to provide our children with a voice to drive forward further improvement and development within our school, in areas which the children can lead. This may include projects or charitable work, for example.

Our Head Pupils lead Pupil Leadership Team meetings with facilitation from a member of staff. Head Pupils are role models within the school and act as ambassadors for our values ad expectations. Only Year 6 pupils are invited to apply to be considered to become a Head Pupil.

As many great writers and leaders have stated, ‘Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey of improvement that never ends.’ At Gorse Hill School, we firmly believe that our pupils are key to supporting our ongoing development.

Meet our Pupil Leadership Team

Head Pupil - Oliver
Head Pupil - Hanna
Deputy Head Pupil - Alfeen
Deputy Head Pupil - Lily