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Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Manor Olympics

27 January 2020
Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Manor Olympics

Manor Olympics

The Manor Olympics were a series of athletics-style team challenges, with a twist. One game was a race where you had to put on clothes as you went and take them off on the way back. Another was a throwing competition, but we had to throw wellies between our legs. The most entertaining (for the teachers at least) was a performance where we had to act out being a baby, child, teenager, teacher, and elderly person as we moved through different markers on the race. We had some very convincing performances – especially the teenagers which looked very natural. This was the last activity and we all took part in our groups for the week. It really showed the group bonds and teamwork which we had built up throughout the week – with everyone encouraging each other and trying their best for the team.

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