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Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Hill Walk and Surival

24 January 2020
Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Hill Walk and Surival

Hill Walk and Survival

Hill walk was a pretty tough experience which a lot of us struggled with, but that that made it all the more rewarding when we got to the top! The walk took was just under a three hour round trip and had some fairly steep sections on the way up, but everyone powered through the mud and puddles to get to an amazing view at the top. We could see for miles over the countryside and watched the sun set on our descent. On the route, we would stop and the instructors talked about the wildlife and plants in the area and what it means for the area to be protected by the National Trust. The walk was really rewarding and left us with an appreciation of the natural setting - as well as leaving us tired out for a good night sleep!

Survival was possibly the most useful activity we did all week. We learned about different survival techniques from expert instructors including building a fire, sending an SOS and building shelters. We had a go at building our own SOS signals and shelters using the logs and branches which surrounded us, and had a look at some proper shelters to give us inspiration. We sat around the fire and learned lots of useful skills to keep us safe in the wild – such as how to tell which berries are poisonous and where to collect safe water. It was a really useful learning experience which even taught the teachers some things.

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