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Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Fencing, Maze and Zip Wire

24 January 2020
Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Fencing, Maze and Zip Wire

Fencing, Maze and Zip Wire

Fencing Maze and Zip Wire were three very different activities which required a range of skills but all provided some great enjoyment.

Fencing was an exciting opportunity to learn the discipline and skills that go into such a technical sport. We began by practicing our footwork and body positions, as well as a bit of French (En Guard!). We then moved on to practice with the foils and had a few sparring matches.

The Maze was built underneath a raised hill and we practiced our communication when we were going through as a team. As there wasn’t enough room to turn and check that everyone was together, we were all assigned different numbers and had to call our numbers in order to make sure we were together. Some of the session was exploring the maze and then some was dedicated to racing through a set route to see who could set the fastest time. It was pretty waterlogged, but they gave us wellies which they use for every group who does this activity (the wellies smelled as bad as you can imagine!)

Zip wire was a huge challenge of bravery and conquering the fear of heights but also an amazingly exiting experience. Some of the teachers said they would have been nervous from that height and were really proud of everyone for having a go. Everyone who went on the Zip Wire all said they would have gone again if they could!

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