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Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Abseiling and Climbing

24 January 2020
Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential - Abseiling and Climbing

Abseiling and Climbing

Abseiling and Climbing were two amazing challenges and required a lot of courage, particularly for those of us who aren’t too fond of heights.

For abseiling we had to dangle over the edge backwards before getting our footing along the wall. We had to get our bodies into an 'L' shape and walk our way down. Once we could do that, we even began to push ourselves off the wall with both feet before dropping and catching ourselves again. Nearly everyone went to the top to have a try and many of us had to really push ourselves to do it, but it was a great experience.

The climbing wall offered a slightly different challenge. The height was less of a factor, but climbing up required a lot of strength and planning ahead. It was make trickier for some of us by the rain (which was fortunately sparse throughout the week) but we all gave a good account of ourselves -challenging ourselves and each other to get as high as we could.

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