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Year 6 Cherry Tree Lane Class Update Term 2 Week 3

24 November 2020
Year 6 Cherry Tree Lane Class Update Term 2 Week 3

The Mayan Ballgame

The Mayan ballgame is called a game but is a lot more serious. It began when a pair of twins (Hoonapu and Shpalenkae) challenged the lords of the underworld to a ballgame in order to avenge the death of their father. After many challenges, they shrewdly outsmarted the lords. Once they completed their quest, they rose up into the sky and became the sun and moon.

My thoughts

The game actually looks fun to play. I think it would take a lot of practice to get the hang of hitting the ball with your hips. It just looks easy. If I had the choice to play, I would reject because I would not take the risk of being sacrificed. Did I not mention? 1 participant from the losing team in the ballgame gets sacrificed.I would give this game a 7/10 because it looks quite fun.Janisha

This is from the home learning grid section The Maya

What did Mayan Masks Look Like? Mayan masks were very radiant and colourful because they symbolise animal spirits or Mayan gods. There are types of Mayan masks such as the Death Mask but most Shamans wore four kinds.What were Mayan Mask used for Mayan masks were used for to protect the wearer in battle.They were also used to intimidate the opponent. Other than Mayan masks used in battle, they were used in special events such as a very special funeral ritual in the Mayan Classic Period.When you Mayan masks worn?Mayan masks were worn in the Pre-Classic period and the Classic period. The Death Mask was used in the Classic period.Here's me wearing a Mayan Mask. You can share it with the class.

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