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Year 6 Cherry Tree Lane Class Update

11 February 2020
Year 6 Cherry Tree Lane Class Update

As we all know, Year 6 can be a tough and busy year. We do, however, have opportunities to get out of the classroom and to enrich our learning through different activities.

In PE, we have been working on circuit training and fitness. We move through the circuit (which changes from week to week ) as a group and push and challenge each other to improve our performances. The circuits include sprints, lunges, push-ups, star jumps, hurdles and more. Each week, we can see the difference and the improvements and we cannot wait to see how far we can push ourselves.

In our Skills lessons, we do a range of activities which develop and promote a range of different skills - such as teamwork, communication and resilience. One activity had us stood in a circle with our own numbers. The person stood in the middle would throw a ball in the air and call out a number. The person whose number had been called then needed to catch the ball and move into the middle. This was a real test of our listening skills as well as our catching abilities.

Another one of the activities involved working together to carry a cone across the MUGA without using our hands, however, we could only move if we were attached back to back. This showed the importance of looking after our partner - when they were walking backwards - and creative thinking in finding as many different ways of carrying the cone without our hands.

These activities really help to develop teamwork and a team spirit which is so important pushing each other to succeed in Year 6.

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