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Year 4 Neverland Class Update 24th October 2019

24 October 2019
Year 4 Neverland Class Update 24th October 2019

Neverland have had an extremely busy first half term. In the gallery below you can see photos from just a few of the many activities we've done so far this year.

In Science we have been exploring electricity. As part of this we looked at staying safe with electricity, building circuits, and insulators and conductors. We tried to fit different objects from around the classroom into our circuits to see if the bulb would still light up. We found conductors, such as a metal pencil sharpener or a paperclip would complete the circuit, however, insulators such as plastic rulers and rubbers would not.

In topic we have been looking at Britain before and during Roman rule. As part of this we designed our own shields to look like the ones the Celtic tribes would have used in their wars against the Romans. We had a keen focus on symmetry and patterns in our shield designs.

Symmetry and Patterns were also things we looked at in maths, along with work on identifying and classifying different shapes by their properties.

We hope to keep you up to date with all the varied activities we will be doing throughout this year

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