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Year 3 The Shire Class Update Term 3 Week 5

5 February 2021
Year 3 The Shire Class Update Term 3 Week 5

‚ÄčHome Learning

It has been a wonderful, and at time, amusing experience home-learning with everyone. The Shire have continued to impress me with their hard-work, resilience and patience and should all feel very proud of themselves. Attendance has been good and it's been lovely to see everyone's happy faces.

We have been enjoying Winter's Child in our Reading and Writing lessons and I have seen lots of great writing using all our skills that we have looked at - including conjunctions for cause, present perfect tense, and inverted commas.

Our Maths have been wonderful, children have been engaged and worked hard throughout our fraction's unit. We have revisited our multiplication, division, addition, and place value units too. Children have been practising their 8x, 4x and 3x table at the beginning of most lessons as well.

In Science, we have completed lots of experiments involving forces and magnets. We have sorted household items into if they are magnetic and non-magnetic, have looked at different forces and experimented with these. We have been asking our questions about magnets - the most commonly asked one was: 'Can a magnet break a mobile phone?"

In Topic, we have explored mountains. We have discovered where the tallest mountains are, what UK mountains there are, features of a mountain and how a mountain is made. The children have been asking brilliant questions.

In Art this term, we have drawn some brilliants winter trees and we have practised using different tones. We tried using these tones when creating some amazing leaves.

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