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Resources for Families at Home

27 March 2020
Resources for Families at Home

We have been collecting together some resources which we hope will be helpful for managing at home in this difficult period.

Joe Wicks, a fitness coach, TV presenter, and author, has been uploading PE sessions for children to his Youtube channel every day. This can be a fantastic resource to keep active whilst staying indoors.

Author Oliver Jeffers is also streaming daily readings of some of his popular books. This can be a great way to experience stories which you might not have at home.

In our gallery below, you can also find an activity with shadow puppets. This is a great opportunity to practice a fun skill as well as flex some creative muscles by taking time to produce a shadow puppet play.

There is also a great resource to explore animals using augmented reality. If you search an animal into Google on your phone/tablets and click on 'viewin3D' you can have a 3D animal in your room. (It does not work for all animals though so keep searching).

We hope these resources can add to the other learning resources available on the website.

Please remember, you can check the website for the latest information regarding COVID-19.

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