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Mount Merapi (Year 5) Class Update Term 4

4 March 2020
Mount Merapi (Year 5) Class Update Term 4

Mount Merapi have really enjoyed experiencing a range of activities across the curriculum.

In Science, we have been exploring circuits and how they can used in different ways. Here we have been using circuits and switches to design an interactive quiz. This was a good refresher on what we already knew about circuits, but was expanded but looking at different ways they can be used – such as in our quizzes.

In Geography, we have been investigating Watersheds. Watersheds are areas in which water collects and returns to a large body of water – such as a river or lake. The water then continues as part of the water cycle. This was a fascinating investigation and built upon our knowledge of the water cycle from Year 4.

We look forward to keeping you informed about all of the different things we learn.

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