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Hogwarts Class Update Term 1 2018-19

19 December 2018
Hogwarts Class Update Term 1 2018-19

Climate Zones

This term we are learning about the climate zones of Earth. Year 6 used atlases and climate maps to investigate which countries were in the temperate climate zone, the tropical climate zone or the polar climate zone. We even found out that some countries are so large that they have more than one climate!

Dissecting Flowers

In Science, Year 6 are extending their knowledge of living things and their habitats. There were a few misconceptions about plants (some thought they contained bones and blood), so we decided to dissect a rose to investigate what a plant is actually made up of. We learnt some new vocabulary including: the anther, stigma, style, filament, ovule and many more! Did you know, plants are both male and female!

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