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Class Update Term 3 Week 5

5 February 2021
Class Update Term 3 Week 5

This week:

English: We have been reading the story Little Red Riding Hood. For our fiction writing, we made puppets to help us retell the story. We created and described a woodland setting and had a go at describing the sneaky wolf. We then created a story map and wrote a section of the story, using everything we had been learning.
For our non-fiction writing have been learning lots of interesting facts about wolves. We made a model wolf using a cardboard tube and we wrote a set of instructions on how to make it.

Maths: In our maths we have been working on lots of different ways to help us with addition and subtraction calculations.

: This term we have planned and made some moving pictures based on different traditional tales. We have been very inventive with the materials which we have used in our moving picture which we have found from around the house.

History: In history, we have started to learn all about how travel and transport has changed over time. We really enjoyed designing some Viking Longboats and explaining to a Viking why they would want to travel in our ships.

: In science we have been learning all about different types of plants. We have enjoyed watching how our class bean plant has grown, it is now 45cm tall and the class have been amazing at reminding me to water it!

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