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Camelot & Sherwood Forest (Reception) Class Update Term 3

4 March 2020
Camelot & Sherwood Forest (Reception) Class Update Term 3

In Term 3, Reception have been working really hard, exploring different topics and subjects.

In maths, we have been continuing with our exciting maths journey and been learning numbers up to 15. We have also been looking at shape and used different shapes to make a person.

"I have used a circle for the head and I've used a Diamond for the hat. I've used a rectangle for the arms and a square for the body and then I used more diamonds for the legs.”

We have also been looking at Pirates as our topic and doing lots of work around that.

We used the big wooden blocks to make lots of different structures including a pirate ship big enough for us all to fit in. “Arrr!”

We have been creating pirate ship collages using different colours and textures and have been painting prate pictures using a variety of colours. We have been practising adding detail to our work. We have also been designing our own treasure maps.

We look forward to keeping you updated about our work.

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