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Class Update

Class Update - Y3 The Shire

18 November 2021
Class Update - Y3 The Shire

Here in The Shire, we have had a wonderful start to the term. The children are still enjoying their topic on The Stone Age and this term we will also be looking at The Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We are all very excited to go and see Stonehenge!

In Science this term, we are looking at rocks, soils and fossils. We have learnt about how metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks are made and what they look like! We have also discovered how some rocks are hard, some rocks are waterproof and some rocks erode.

We had a visitor in this week, to take us on a trip to the Arctic. We saw polar bears, a small town and we hid from a blizzard! We came up with some excellent vocabulary to show this and we are hoping that it will help us write a letter about the Arctic soon.

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