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Class Update

Class Update - Y3 Dream Country

17 November 2021
Class Update - Y3 Dream Country

In term 2, we have finished our maths topic of geometry. Year 3 have learned the features of 3D and 2D shapes as well as being able to draw 2D shapes based on specific descriptions.

In science, we have started our new topic, 'Rocks'. As a class, we have conducted several experiments where we have tested the strength of various rocks and tested which rocks are permeable.

In computing, children are enjoying our new topic where we are learning about animations. At the beginning of the term, children created a flipbook animation using each page as an individual frame. We have moved onto using iPads to record frames we have designed on our whiteboards and we have just planned our newest animation which will be recorded next week about two Iron Age Celtic soldiers.

This term we have enjoyed hosting Pro Strike where all year groups, including year 3, had the opportunity to record how hard they can kick a ball into a goal. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity as you can see from the pictures.

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